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13 May 2007 @ 12:01 am
Supernatural: Look Into My Father's Eyes (Sam/Dean, NC17)  
Title: Look Into My Father's Eyes (1/?)
Author: deansgrrl94
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean, um and maybe a little John/Dean and John/Sam but not really so if that totes squicks you its cool you can read this.
Rating: NC17 liekwhoa, megaporn forreals
Warnings: m/m incest, blow job, ass fucking (can I say that outside the cut? If not the mods should let me no and Ill change it), mpreg, assbabies, giant manboobs and man milk, exsessive abuse of vegtibles (or they might be fruits I think) as metaphors (smilies?) for dicks, voyurism (sp?), dubcon, angst! schmoop! But no carakters were harmed in the amking of this fic.
Spoilers: none unless Krriple reads my livejournal and makes an episode of mpreg. Ha ha ha!
Disclaimer: Dean is mines but Krripkey owns Sam and John. The ass babbies is mine but if you wants to rite fics about them just ask.
Archiving: Tell me first so I can check if your site is write for me. All my fics are on fanfiction.net (dont call it Pit of Veals thats meen)
Summary: Sam and Dean are totally doing it in the sack. John, there dad, catches them and joins in. No, hahaha, just kidding. He doesn’t just tells him how to do it. they don’t use condiments so I guess you know what happens then!
Notes: The title is taken from a song called "Look Into My Father's Eyes" and its probly not the best title or anything but I could find a better one. Also noone wantd to beta this so if you find mistakes you can just email me? I got my inspiration from this other fic where Deen had only one babby and that seemed wrong to me. And I always think John must know about Sam and dean because he lived with them and he must of heared them fucking all the time and so I thought what if he did what would he say.
Feedback: Please tell me how much you love this fic if you want me to write more. I maybe right about the babies and next time more porn!
Cross-posted: Everywhere. Sorry for repeats. If you noes someplace I dint post but they might like would you please leave it in the commints?

OK, OK, now for my story. Drum roll pls:

“Dean, he’s going to hear us! Shut the fuck up!”

Sam stopped fiddling with Dean’s balls and cock, hoping he could shush his brother who was about to peel the paint off the walls in their room with his cries of ecstasy.

“God, Sammy, I can’t! Feels so good. Don’t stop!”

Okay, that didn’t work.

Sam placed his hand over Dean’s mouth and hissed in his ear. “Dean, do you WANT Dad to find us like this? Do you want him to know we’re fucking our brains out every night?”

Dean’s head swung back and forth, his eyes blown and his hips pumping. Sam eased his hand off Dean’s mouth and kissed him.

“I’ll make it good. We can still do this, but you HAVE to be quiet. Dad’s just next door, Dean.”

“Okay, I’m good. I’m good. Let’s do this.” Dean took a deep breath and raised his hips toward Sam, silently pleading for his brother to continue his ministrations.

Sam’s hands wandered up and around and over Dean’s finely-honed body. His fingers skittered over hard muscle and just the feel of his brother made Sam harder.

He couldn’t wait any longer. Sam scooched down Dean’s body until he rested between the elder’s legs and Dean’s cock was eye to eye with him. His mouth watered as he watched the pre-come dribble down Dean’s cock.

Sam licked his lips and dove in. He only meant to lick at the tip and tease Dean, but the temptation was too great and he swallowed Dean down whole in one gulp.


So much for being quiet.

Both of the brothers were too far gone to stop now, however. Sam was sucking like a baby to his tit and Dean was writhing and moaning into the next county.

Sam’s eyes fluttered closed and he was totally into sucking Dean.

"OMGOMGOMG," Dean chanted endlessly.

Sam loved that sound. It was hot. And told him his older brother totally loved this. The younger brother pulled away with a really loud wet POP! sound. He shivered at the dirty noise and grinned when Dean whined.

"Sammy! If you don't finish or let me come inside you or something I'm going to rocksalt your ass and burn your bones!" Dean says.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Jerk, just wait I'm not done."

"Bitch. I'm totally not done either. Obviously!" the older blonde said with a smirk.

"Haha," Sam laughed. Then he kissed Dean real hard thinking; they were still supposed to be quiet.

Dean's legs spread and Sam boosted and soon they were grunting and rubbing and it felt so good, like the best way Sam ever felt in this nomadic restrictive life of theirs where his brother was his only connection to anything.

Sam threw his head back and cried out when Dean grabbed his cock, all flushed and curved and almost purple next to his stomach.

"Dude!" Dean almost yelled. "Dad!" he warned.

Just then there was a loud knock on their door - they were in an apartment in their own room but it wasn't very big so it was probably easy for Dad to have heard all that. Plus he thought they were sleeping.


"O shit!" Deen Winchester yelled. "Sammy!" he said to his little brother.

"Nuuuuhggggh. Yeah, you know you like my big cock up your tight ass," Sammy Winchester said continuing to furiously pump his hips into his big brother's sweet little flower of an Anus before suddenly stopping. "Did you just call me 'Dad'?"

"No dumass! Dad! Is at the door!!!"

"Oh right." Sammy raised his voice, keeping his manhood deep inside the older man and circling his hips slightly, "Um, yes?" he called toward the door, trying not to sound so guilty.

John Winchester's gruff baritone boomed out from the other side of the wood, as hard and strict as the oldest Winchester's parenting style. "What the hell are you boys doing in there? You are making an Unholy racket and don't you know that Supernatural evil things will soon find and kill you both if you are not quiet and SERIOUS ALWAYS about the hunt, bringing my worst fears to fruitition?" John said, jiggling the door-handle.

Dean and Sammy stared at each other with, wide, matching, blue, eyes. "No, we are fine, Dad," Dean said, "We are just...sparing." Then suddenly Sammy was overcome by the hot way Dean looked with his Little Brother's cock stretching his asshole wide open enough for a dump trunk (HA!) to drive through and how the older man's turgid, weeping cock strained upwards and jerked at the sound of their taciturn Father's voice. The younger man just HAD to shove his meat into Dean harder and Dean's voice cracked on a high note and he was forced to scream, "O JESUS SAMMY YES LIEK THAT!"

Then John growled, "Are you boys fucking in there?!" and kicked down the door with his steel-toed boots he always wore to always be ready for Hunting. Dean and Sammy stopped fucking and stared with their shared, shocked, blue, eyes at their Dad, looming as huge in life as he did in their minds, in the doorway. "Well hell, why didn't you just say so? I know that the life I forced you both into when your mother got killed by a demon is not normal and boys need to let off steam every once in a while. It's better than catching something from some disese-ridden bar h0r. You using enough lube there, Sammy? Wouldn't want your brother to chafe."


"You're... okay with this?" Dean asked not wanting to believe it and John nodded.

"Ever since I saw you and Sam a few years ago in Biloxi," he said. "Oh, I didn't like it then, but IU've had time to come to terms with it. Did you ever here about the sacred band of Thebes?"

"Is that the deus ex machina whipped out startingly often in stories like this to excuse us?" Sam asked, and Dean rolled his eyes.

"No," John explained patiently, "that's really weird. no, the scred band of thebes is this team of gay lovers. Fighting with their boyfriends wazs totally supposed to make them stronger, and bnow look at you! My heart swells with pride. this way you'll be better Hunters than EVER before!"

"I don't WANT to be a Hunter!" Sam yelled, his cock still up Dean's bum. Dean groaned at the feel of it. It was so hard and unyielding, like a bannana, or, no, a.... zucchini. "Fuck yu, dad! All my life you force me into doing things I don't want to! I want to fuck Dean and I don't want to be a Hunter!"

"Speaking about that," Dean said, shifting.

"SAM you are talking NONSENSE," John said, face purpling. "You WILL be a Hunter and you WILL fuck Dean now cut your losses and get on with it. Can't you see your poor brother is de4sperate? Mary would be asham,ed of you, leaving him unsatisfied."

"OMG," said Sam. "I really don't wanna think about mom during se - GRUK."

the GRUK was because Dean had fisted one hand in his hair, pulling him down. When sam's attention was on him dean said "sam finish what you started."

"But dad's there," Sam said.

"I don't care," Dean said.

"I don't care," John added.

"Oh, all right," Sam said, with a sigh, and put his hands on the mattress, better leverage with which to move his zucchini-like cock.


Sam scrunched up his face in consentration, pumping his hips hard and quick and fast into Dean's butt. IT was just getting good, and Sam could feel his balls slapping Dean's ass over and over and -


Sam fell down ontop of Dean with a loud OOF. "WHAT!?" He looked at Dean, but it wasn't Dean who had spoken. It was his Dad, John.

"Sam, didn't I ever teach you about making sweet love? You gotta pay more attention to your lover. This time, your brother Dean. Your just shoving your zucchini cock into him over and over. What about his pleasure? Did you think about his PLEASURE, SAMMY?"

Dean tried to talk about his pleasure, but, as usual, there Dad told him to be quiet, because he was older and more grizzled. And had totally had more sex than either of them. Though not WITH either of them, because ew.

Sam thought this just too weird and messed up, just like their family, which was very weird and very messed up ever since his Mom burned up on the ceiling above his crib, lo, those many years ago.

“Dad, You are Totally embarasing us. We know how to”

“Sam, I taught you how to fire a shotgun, and how to kill Demons. You think I can’t teach you to correclty fuck your brother, Dean? Are you defying me, like you often do?”

Sam sighed exasperatedly. Dean also sighed and wanted to point out that Sam still had his dick firmly wedged up his tight, sweet ass, but no one was listening to Dean, which made him sigh. And sighing made him pretty and tortured.

“Daaaaaad.” Dean was older than Sam, but younger than John. He squirmed, his own cock more purply than before. “Sammy was doing fine, I was-“

“My two sons, who I raised alone, listen to me.” John ruffled Sam’s hair in affection, maknig Dean feel sad and left out. And also he still had Sam’s mostly hard cock in his tight, sweet ass.


Dean pouted. This was so typical. He gives sam his ass-virginity just like he had given Sam everything always and yet both Dad and Same could care less about Dean's feelings. It was his tough demener, he just knew it. He kept all his feelings bottled up behind a tuff guy face but the truth is that he was broken, horribly, horribly broken on the inside where noone could see because of his tuff guy face.

"Sammy" he whimpered, sniffling as his black cloud of sadness overwhelms him all suddenlike. He looked at his lover longingly but Sam wound't look back at him too busy glaring defiantly at their father.

"Hush, Dean" Sammy said meanly, brushing away the hand the older, stockier man placed on his chest. "I'm talking to Dad. About methods of sexxing you up right and proper. if ur not quiet, I'll have to shut you up with my big fat sausage."

Dean was sekritly turned on by his lover Sammy's harsh words but it could barely penetrate his horrible sadness. He choked back a sob.

Oh Dean, don't start, Sam said his lower lip flopping and wobbling as his eyes flooding with tears. You know that when youo cry I always cry too.


"Oh for Fucks sake!" John exclaimed. "Are you boys CRYING? You are strong, manly hunters, because that is how I raised you, all by Myself, and you should never show your weakness! pull yourselves together!! Now Sammy quit yer blubering and *fuck your brother*. You have to be CAREFUL with his tight little ass, because you might hurt him if your not, and you don't want to hurt your brother, do you Sammy?"

Sammy sniffled noisly and scrubbed at his wet cheeks. "No, Dad" he says meekly. "I would never want to hurt Dean. I luv Dean."

Dean started to cry again, gigantic tears rolling down the sides of his face as he thought about what sammy just said. The l word! Winchesters didn't often say the l word. This was a momentous occasion in Dean's sad, tortured life. He also might have been crying a bit from the pain of Sams zucchini cock stuck in his ass.

"Good, Sammy." John said gruffly. "now fuck him with your love for him. Go on."

Sammy nodded, reluctantly giving in to his only parents instructions, even though he was often very Rebellious and didn't like to follow orders. This time he knew John was right though. He didn't want to hurt dean.

He grabbed the outsides of Dean's legs and hooked them over his shoulders, tensing his strong, manly hips and slowly pulling most of the way out of Dean. Dean whimpered loudly at the sensation of Sam's gigantic cock splitting him wide open, but he loved the burn, because deep down he felt that he deserved the pain, deserved getting his ass fucked hard and rough because he sometimes couldn't protect Sammy enough. He wished john wouldn't tell Sam to be more careful.


Sammeh leaned down to give his older brother a very sweat kiss because he saw that Dean is still crying. He wished he knew why Dean cried and hoped to God (except he didnt rilly believe in God any more but maybe God would still listen) his huge! zucchini! dick wasn't hurting him.

But before he could lock lips with his golden-haired so-blue-they-looked violet-eyed lover, Dean squeaked and wiggled. "OW, Sammy, OW!"

At first Sam thought Dean was cumming, but then John, his Dad, hit him in the back of the head. "What are you DOPING Sammy! I told you to make sweet love to your older brother, like a manly warrior with a treasured maiden, and to think of his pleasure! Instead you are braking him in HALF almost. Can't you see you're hurting him! Don't make me come over there and show you how its dun."

Dean looked up at Dean with his violet eyes wide and his teeth raking over his lip. He looked so pretty and that made Sam so hot and protective, he wanted to rape him right there in front of their Dad. "sammy" he whispered "please please dont let him touch me."

It was okay for his bigger younger brother to fuck his ass real hard and bruise him because he let Sam down but sometimes now their dad tried to get between them because he wanted to be in charge of Dean and he didnt like it, He didnt want John showing them anything anymore.

"Its ok lover. We can show him, Sammy says, as he lets Dean's legs slide down his arms and leans over him again. This time he doesn't hurt Dean, but he slips his tongue between those pretty pink lips and kisses him like you see in the movies when it gets all slow and fuzzy. And he pulls his big vegtible cock out and pours lube on it more to make it slippery and then slides it in so deep he can feel the older mans heart beating in the tip of his long, purple dick which is thick and more like an eggplant than a zucchini.

Dean cries out his violet eyes damp "so beautiful oh Sam that feels good, fuck me with your big eggplant dick so hard, oh OH!"

John says "good job Boys! I'm proud of your skills at sex. See, my younger son, doesn't your brother's tight hot ass feel so good around your turgid shaft when you make him slick and ready first?"


Sam totally smiled as dean wreathed beneath him. “I can fuck good, right baby.”

Dean panted as Sam thrust deep down in him and laughed. Sam was so big, so hard. It was so good it hurt. He almost wanted to cry but he remembered his dad was watching and didn’t want to make him mad or make him want to fuck him like he said. Which he would. Dean knew his dad would fuck him because he was a hunter and he never lied and dean didn’t want anone else but Sammy.

“You’re so pretty, Dean” Sam said, looking down at Dean’s hot, sweaty body and plump shiny lips as he pumped his hips forward ina hard thrust. Sam totally forgot about his dad watching them. All he could see was Deen and that was all that mattered. Hid dick felt hot and hard inside him.

The elder watched the younger thrust with lust and love and all that stuff. He bit his lip and wihsed Sam would lean down and kiss him. “kiss me, Sammy” he said, looking up into Sam’s shiny blue eyes. Sam stared at him and couldn’t say no because even though Dean could never say no to him, he could never say no to dean either. He leaned forward and stuck his tongue in and plundered the deep caverns of dean’s mouth, moaning at the hot warm heat as it surrounded him. His tongue buried in dean’s mouth felt liie his cock buried in his ass. It was amazing.


Dean grabbed his younger brother by the waste so that they could kiss even deeper. Sammy shoved himself deeper into his older brothers love whole in response, making a squelching noise with his wet dick.

"Your so tite," the younger brother said, sighing.

"Your so big," the elder brother said, lusting.

"Your so hot," the younger brother said, replying.

"Oh yes Sammy," the older brother said, agreeing.

"Now those are my boys," the eldest man sniffed, pulling out a giant clean-ex to blow his noes. He also pulled out a locket of the boys mom that he always carrying becuz it was the only memory he had of her now that she had died in a tragic fire and he had to raise the boys all by him self all alone by him self because she had died in the fire and left him alone. "You're mother would be so proud of you Boys." He cried some more becuz unlike the younger brother but like the elder brother he acted tuff, but he always cried behind closed doors.

Dean was crying to but becuz he was happy now becuz his younger brother was making love to him with his huge eggplant cock in his anus hole and his father was so proud of them both and there mother would of wanted this for them all along.

"I'm so glad I gave you my virgin anus," the elder brother said, sobbing. "This is perfect and when you pop my ass cervix I know I will cum."

But Sammys sky blue eyes flashed the turquoise-mauve color they flashed when he had something to prove. Becuz he wanted to make love to his elder brother but he also needed to find his own way without his father telling him what to do, and he was going to prove him self in his elder brother's ass right now!


"Are you ready for me baby!" the tall boy said "Because I'm gonna fuck you good now." Said Sammy turning his Older Brother around on the bed and inserting his throbbing joystick into Deans wet, pulsating mangina.

"OOoooOOHHH!!1!" The violet-eyed boy screamed in lust as he was impaled on the big member again (A/N: so would I! ^^) Sammy moaned too. "Ohh god baby, your so good! See Dad, I told you I know how to fuck my big brother!" John stands in the corner and watched his boys, remembering how sweet they looked playing as young boys and how hawt they are now fucking each others assholes. He sure would like to get in on the action! (A/N: But he cant! srsly, EWWW!)

"Yeah, your doing good Sam." The man encouraged.

Then suddenly Dean went all stiff-like and bucked his hips up wildly like he just put his finger in a power socket, meeting his (not-so-)little brothers thrusts into his tight love tunnel. "Ohhhh baby I'm cumming!!" He screamed. And Sam screamed and came to. Flooding the inside of his brothers hot hole with his sweet cream. But they didn't have a lot of time to enjoy themselves!

John screamed "OH NOES! You didn't use a condom!! And I never told you that you were cursed by an evil witch when you were Young Dean and she made you be able to have babies!!!!!"

The brothers looked at their shocked father in shock.


"what did U mean and evil witch made me so I can have babies?!?! the shorter but older Brother screamed loudly.

"He cant be have babies dad he's a guy. Guys dont have babies." Sammmy was screaming to now at his farther John.

""Dont be stupid Sammy!! U always waste all UR time with UR noes in those dum school books n U dont pay no attention to hunting and stuff!!! Boys can have babies if they get cursed by witched!!!" John said.

Sammy and dad were fighting again and dean was just laying there all quite and stuff and not saying anything because he lved his dad and his brother and he didnt like them fighting but he didnt want to pick on their sides and make each other feel bad.

"U dont want to have babies with me but I luv U sammy!"Dean was crying now and all sad.

"No DEAN!' the taller boy cried two now cuz he didnt want his brother to cry even tho he look SO HAWTT!!!!!!! when he did."I want to have babies with U an we can raze them and teach them how to hunt. What do U want to name them?"


Dean looked up at his beautiful younger Brother, blinking his long black eyelashes as more crystalline tears rolled down his cheeks. “I think I can feel the babies already!” he exclaimed.

“It’s definitely Twins. Identical twin girls! And I think I want to name them Samantha and Johnna, after my wonderful Dad and my hawt Baby Brother, who is also my Baby’s Daddy,” Dean said, looking over at John who was now clutching his chest in rapt happiness at the idea of Grandchildren.

“ZOMG Dean, that is so Sweet! But I want to name one of them Deana, after you,” Sammy said, nodding his head, his silky floppy brown hair moving with him as he pondered his supreme love for his brother who would now be having his babies.

Dean’s emerald green eyes took on a glazed over far away look as he began to daydream about his babiez. He was thinking about the stroller he’d need—a camo green and brown jogging stroller for their babies while they Hunt, and maybe a few mini .45’s to put in their cribs.

“Maybe it’s Triplets, and we can all name one!” Dean pointed out, looking down at his tummy which was already fluttering with the magical witch-curse babies.

“That would roxxors!” Sam said as he smiled and wiped his hand through the cum on his brother’s tummy, licking his fingers one at a time, slurping the delicious cum off like it was a white-cherry popsicle. “Oh Dean, your cum tastes like the nectar of the gods! It’s so hawt!”


Sam looked down wondrously at his own, towering, turgid, throbbing manpole, thinking to himself that he was witnessing one of the wonders of nature by making some babies with his much loved big brother.

He didn't know babies, even though he had been one himslef, and he couldn't remember what babies liked although he knew that you had to feed them milk. He looked at Dene and knew that there was a porblem.

"Deen," he hollered. "Deam, you have no boobies. What will we feed the babies on becoarse you can't expect them to live without having any boobies to eat."

"Oh, Goddess," wimpered Dreem. "My babies will all die. I do not deserve to live. Everyone leaves me all the time, and now my babies will leave me too. How can I go on?"

John steeped forwards into there space and gave Sam a smack upside his head tho very tenderly becarse he did reelly love his Sammy best of all though he never tole that to his perfect little soldier boy Deane. "You are frightening you're brother. You have to be gentle and take care of him while his whoremoans are all out of balance. Don't upset him, but be supportive."

Sam looked at his brother, so small and frail, his big, verdantly mossy green eyes like limpid pools of mossy verdantness wide with panic. "I'm sorry, dean," he wispered, his voice craking with the shear love he felt for him. "You mussn't worry, becorse I will help you to feed your babies, and we will teach them to drink beer like you, becost they are your babies, and will have your traits in their jeans."


"Do you think so Sammy?" Dean asks, because he wants to be told that everything is ok and even though sam is his younger brother sometimes he knows more than Dean. Because he reads alot. and is smart he wants the babies to be smrt like sammy.

"Of course dean! Everything will be fine and the babies will eat beer instead of boobies. Or maybe u will grow manboobies and they can eat those." Sam tells him, patting Dean on the tummy and feeling his babies inside, moving around. "i think one just kicked! can u feel it?"

And Dean can feel it becawse he has the babies inside of himself and he likes his brother touching him there and feeling them. because Sammy is the baby daddy.

"I think Dean will grow man bobs," their dad, who is mean and who Dean sekritly knows loves sam better, says. He comes back over and lays a hand on Sam's shoulder, watching them touch Dean's belley. "I know you can if you try hard, so concentrate and make those man boobs into ixistence.


Sammy grinned he knew just what to do!

He started stroking Dean's soft penis to make it hard and big. He started stroking his too because omg it was hot making Dean hard, plus he'd need to be hard to fuck his older brother.

"Dad." he said. "Get the herbs and stuff."

Dad knew exactly what he ment and ran off to get them. The right herbs and stuff would make manboobs grow if Sam fucked Dean hard enough at the right time as their babies were growing. Luckily he had just suddenly remembered that fact from reading about assbabies a long time ago on a hunt. Thank goodness he'd remembered!

Dean was hard and wining, moving around on the bed legs spread real wide and slutty like he really wanted to be fucked. Sam put his hand on Dean's fat belly and said "Hi b abies meet your other Daddy," and thrust inside of Dean in one hard ball-slapping thrust.

Sam mushed at Dean's chest and then Dad was there, sprinkling herbs and stuff and chanting a chant to make them grow. As Sam pounded his big - but smaller haha - brother's ass he felt them start to grow! He also felt the babies kick and he knew there were three!

"Dean it is triplets! I can tell can you feel them omg I love you so much!" he cried, and started crying, huge wet tears that landed on the herbs and stuff and helped the manboobs grow even more.

God, Dean was so freakin' hawt, and now with boobs Sammy was basically going to live with his dick in Dean's tight clinging asshole.

"Ungh!" he said. "Uunnhnn I'm close! I'm cummmmmming!"

Sam cummed in Dean, and Dean cummed at the very exact same time. His cream in his brother and his brothers cream on their chests made the herbs and tears and stuff tingle with magic and then Dean was all manboobed and Sam wept because he was so happy now they could feed there babys!

"Oh Dean Now we can feed hour babys!" he said. Eyes shining and dark, dark green, just like his older bros.

As he pulled out Dean made a face, like it hurt. "Oh no did I hurt you?"

"SAM DID YOU HURT YOUR BROTHER?/ YOUR SUPPOSED TO LOVE HIM!" John yelled, really loud, coz he really did love dean a lot too and woried about them both.

Dean said "no I'm fine it's the babyz! Sam's really deep fucking of my ass and cumming so hard made them grow allready and now they want out! OMG I'm giving birth!"


"Oh godz, Dean, deep breeth, I think I see sumthin. OMG babez!!!!" Sam screamed, his eyes changing colors just like his brother's had done.

His lover reached out for his hand cuz he new this was going to hurt like ever living hell. Knot like Sam's throbbing eggplant member when it would tickle him and make him throb way deep inside.

"Well isn't this something." John was on the verge of being overcome by joy . His boys were all growed up, into menz. He'd taught them to be strong and to knock the shit out of anyone who wuz stupid and didnt listen but this maid him proudest of all.

His bois were going to be parents!!!

"DEEN! YOU HAVE TO BREATHE THE RIGHT WAY OR IT WON'T WORK AND THEY COULD GET STUCK! PUsh, Push, breath! SAM HELP YOUR OLDER BROTHER!!! John announced, letting go of the older son's grip to smack his younger son upside his head.

Sam could never hurt his brother even though Dean was like totally like the bitch.

"Dean, I luf you, one more good grunt and itll all be over" he cooed, stroking the other man's blonde hair to calm him down.

Dean gives one last long huge grunt and three beautiful babeez are birthed, one & 2 & three and they all have the same eyes, OMG! Eyes that change colors like there daddys' and cry and cry and cry like Deen.

Sam is so proud and feels so gay at this moment, he thinks even the babys tears r breautiful like his lover's.

John is grinning in the corner, happy as he wonders what the fuck just really happened. OMG Joy!

All Dean can do is look deeply into Sam's eyes and say Your a Daddy, ILU so much, baby!


"OMG I luv you too," Sam shouted, petting his babiez on the hed. "I promise that I will take gud care of u and not let your mommy dean die on the ceiling like my mommy did."

"YOU ARE ONLY BRINGING THAT UP SO THE BABYIEZ WILL HATE ME LIKE YOU DO!" John bellowed, his grin going away as he got angry at Sam never listening to him.

Deen cant stop crying cuz he just had three assbabies and his dad and bruther are yelling at each other and they wont shut up and be nice to each other and all he wants to do is cuddle his assbabies to his manboobs and make sure they've all got fingerz and toes and no yellow eyes.

"Dean why are you crying?" Sam asked, not listening to John like he always doesn't listen to John, which is why they fought in the first place.

"He is crying because you are yelling and scaring him!" John yelled too.

"Dean do you always let Dad answer for you?" Sam was so mad at Deen because despite just having his assbabies, Deen still sided with Dad and not him. "I'm going to take the babies and LEAVE YOU FOREVER."



Sammy and Dad froze when Dean bellowed so loud the pictures shook on the thin cheap walls.

"Nobody is gonna take my assbabies and you guys are gonna stop fighting right now!"

John looked at Sam and Sam looked at John, both in confusion.

"It must be the maternal instinct kicking in. He sounds just like my momma did when I was in trouble," John groused.

Dean gathered up his babies to his manboobs and cuddled and cooed at them cuz he assumed Sam and Dad would listen to him now that he had the "momma" voice.

When the babies started whimpering like little puppies, Sam moved toward them on the bed, but Dean held his hand up.

"You stay right there. I don't want nothing to do with you till you make up with Dad. Right now I'm gonna hold my babies and feed them."

Turning his attention back to the three beautiful little girl assbabies that already had their brilliant emerald shining eyes open, Dean talked to his daughters.

"Your name is Samantha and your name is Johnette and your name is Deana." He stroked their gorgeous auburn curls back from there little pixie faces and put Samantha and Johnette to his manboobs for their first dinner.

He handed Deana to their other daddy. "If you promise you will stop fighting and being mean to me and dad and the babies, you can hold your wondrous, miraculous daughter.


Sam's full suckible lower lip poked out. He dint feel like making up. There Dady always tells him what to do and he is sick of it.

But he wants to hodls his and Dean's miracle assbabies (and to get some ass nookie later and not have to sleep on the couch). OMG he feels torn in have!

Then he saw Samantha and Johnette suckling at his older brother's double D man tits and thinks he's pretty as a picture. And also that he might like to suck there himself since his Momma got taked away from him when he was so small and it would be comforting and safe to have Dean hold him like a baby. But he'd never tell that.

So he stimps his foot and sayz, "Fine! I won't fight with our father, John, anymore if he promises not to tell me what to do." He looks at Dean again and their beautiful auburn-haired assbabies eating their first dinner with little cherub smiles on their pixie faces and thinks again. He takes Deana into his arms, and cuddles her up close to his throat and softens a bit toward his Dad who had to raise them. "OK. Maybe Dad can tell us what to do if we're going to die. But only then."

Then John looks at older brother and younger brother together, with tears shining in his color-shifting eyes (Sam checks real quick to make sure their not yellow and mutters CHRISTO under his breath, Dad doesnt flinch so hes not the YED). "Oh, Sammy! Oh, Dean! I love you both so much. I promise I won't tell you what to do all the time anymore. I just am so csared I might Lose you since Mary..." He sobs, breaking down. "Since your mother..."

Sam looks at Dean and Dean looks at Sam, and Sam sort of pats his Dad awkward on the shoulder. "It's okay, Daddy. We are a FAMILY again. Look." And he takes Samantha from Dean to give to Dad - its good she does not cry at being took at way from Dean's manboob because that would just make John, their dad, feel worse.

He puts Deana on Dean's beast and manfully resists copping a feel! Then he straitens up and hugs John and Sam(antha - not himself!) and bends down and kisses Dean on the forehead at the Sam time. "We are the most beautiful special hunting family ever and the YED better not mess with us or I'll kick his filthy yellow-eyed demon ass!"

And then everything is perfect. Well almost. Sammy looks at Deana slurpring happily at Dean's boob and he sniffles sadly wishing he could have man boobs. But then he remembers that he can do special things with his brain and so it really is perfect.

Cuz now Dean is special too.

Author's Notes: Our thanks to wendy for the idea of a badfic round robin, brynwulf for taking the challenge to start us off and doing such an AWFUL job of it, and to everyone else for participating: drvsilla, mona1347, nymeria, __tiana__, poisontaster, exsequar, technosage, lostt1, kantayra, scatterheart, clex_monkie89, aynslee, candygramme, just_katarin, leighm, kelex.

For those who want to see the sausage (eggplant?) in the making and know who wrote which parts, visit the original fic here: Untitled Badfic in Progress

Happy birthday, Rach! Hope this story entertains and makes you shudder for years to come. :D
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